Whistle Down the Wind is a musical with music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who also co-wrote its book with Patricia Knop and Gale Edwards, and its lyrics were written by Jim Steinman. It is based on the 1961 film Whistle Down the Wind, whose source novel of the same name was written by Mary Hayley Bell in 1959.

The musical premiered in 1996 at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C., followed by a concept album and a West End production, both in 1998. It has since been revived several times, toured extensively, and is currently available for amateur licensing from The Musical Company, a division of Concord Theatricals partially owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Group, which handles licensing for all of his shows and his song catalogue.

Plot SummaryEdit

Wikipedia has a detailed plot summary.

Washington, D.C. ProductionEdit


  1. Vaults of Heaven
  2. Spider
  3. Grownups Kill Me
  4. Whistle Down the Wind
  5. The Vow
  6. Safe Haven
  7. Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts
  8. Safe Haven (Reprise)
  9. If Only
  10. Cold
  11. When Children Rule the World
  12. When Children Rule the World (Cont'd)
  13. Annie Christmas
  14. No Matter What
  15. Finale
  16. Safe Haven (Reprise)
  17. A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste
  18. Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts (Reprise)
  19. Annie Christmas (Reprise)
  20. The Soliloquy
  21. Wrestle With the Devil
  22. Nature of the Beast
  23. When Children Rule the World (Reprise)
  24. Whistle Down the Wind (Reprise)


Swallow - Irene Molloy
Brat - Abbi Hutcherson
Poor Baby - Cameron Bowen
Aunt Dot - Candy Buckley
Boone - Timothy Nolen
Minister - Allen Fitzpatrick
Edward - Chuck Cooper
Earl - David Lloyd Watson
Rod - Timothy Shew
Sheriff Cookridge - Mike Hartman
Candy - Lacey Hornkohl
Amos - Steve Scott Springer
The Man - Davis Gaines
Preacher - Ray Walker

West End ProductionEdit


  1. The Vaults of Heaven
  2. Overture
  3. I Never Get What I Pray For
  4. Home By Now
  5. It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This
  6. Whistle Down the Wind
  7. The Vow
  8. Cold
  9. Unsettled Scores
  10. If Only
  11. Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts
  12. Safe Haven
  13. Long Overdue for a Miracle
  14. When Children Rule the World
  15. Annie Christmas
  16. No Matter What
  17. Try Not to Be Afraid
  18. A Kiss Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
  19. If Only (Reprise)
  20. Charlie Christmas
  21. Off Ramp Exit to Paradise
  22. Safe Haven (Reprise)
  23. Wrestle With the Devil
  24. The Hunt
  25. Nature of the Beast
  26. Whistle Down the Wind (Reprise)


The Man - Marcus Lovett, Jerome Pradon
Swallow - Lottie Mayor, Laura Michelle Kelly
Amos - Dean Collinson
Candy - Veronica Hart
Boone - James Graeme
Ed - Walter Herron Reynolds III
Snake Preacher - Christopher Howard
Earl - Paul Lowe
Sheriff - John Turner
Deputy - Craig Parkinson
The Minister - Reg Eppey
Brat - Danielle Calvert, Ashley Andrews
Poor Baby - Ricki Cuttell, Dean Clish

Townspeople - Adinah Alexander, Johnetta Alston, Dave Clemmons, Chuck Cooper, Georgia Creighton, Allen Fitzpatrick, Emily Rabon Hall, Mike Hartman, Melody Kay, Wayne W. Pretlow, John Sawyer, Timothy Shew, Bob Stillman, Ray Walker, Laurie Williamson, Wysandria Woolsey

The Children - Sasha Allen, Alex Bowen, Graham Bowen, Gina DeStefano, Rori Godsey, Scott Irby-Ranniar, Clarence Legett, David Lloyd Watson, Julia McIlvaine

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