From Jim Steinman's script: "In this climatic dance of the drama, the killer NUNS appear on stage, and begin slaughtering the TRIBE. But first, they must catch them, and screaming TRIBE members, half-clothed or totally unclothed, go running around the auditorium, being chased by the NUNS wielding billy clubs. Certain fights and slaughters are choreographed on stage, many are improvised. During the drum solo, a single girl is being chased by NUNS in center stage. She dances to her death, being thrown back and forth from one torment to another. The TRIBE fights back. The NUNS are slaughtered too. The auditorium is dimly lit, the music is terribly loud, the spectacle is grisly and gripping. TRIBE members are dragged from the auditorium, where they have been seeking refuge amid the audience, and brought onto stage, where their bodies are gradually piled on top of each other. The NUNS too are attacked. In the end, a pile of grey bodies, most naked - NUNS and TRIBE having lost their clothes - lie on the grey disc. BAAL appears. He, too, is naked. He crawls over the pile of corpses and finds the GIRL."


"The Revolution in Music" is an instrumental song in the musical The Dream Engine.

The song also appears, retitled as "The Annihilation", in the musical Neverland.

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