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The Confidence Man is a musical by Jim Steinman and Ray Errol Fox, loosely based on the novel by Herman Melville. Its original production was a cabaret show at the Manhattan Theatre Club in 1977, but there were also versions in 1986 and 2004.


The Confidence Man - as himself and as Street Violinist, Black Guinea, Ringman, Truman, Healman, Helpman, Goodman
The Girl
The Customs Officer
The Merchant Roberts
The Clergyman
The Barber
The Miser
The Soldier of Fortune
The Tailor (Male Dancer-Singer)
The Steward (Male Dancer-Singer)
Female Dancer-Singer

All are passengers on the riverboat Fidele

Songs (1977 script)[]

Act 1[]

  1.  New Orleans Is Comin' to Me/Means Something: Roberts, Clergyman, Soldier of Fortune, & Passengers
  2.  Pitch Penny: Black Guinea
  3. Such Heaps of Fine Friends: Barber, Roberts, Clergyman, & Passengers
  4. Melville's Theme: Orchestral
  5. Edging Into Darkness: Girl
  6. Confidence: Ringman
  7. Methinks: Ringman, Customs Officer, & Steward
  8. Nocturnally Yours: Girl, Roberts, & Barber
  9. Pain Humbles: Healman
  10. A Maiden Is Only As Maiden As She Feels: Girl
  11. Give Us This Day Our Daily Flesh: Soldier of Fortune
  12. Pour Me Home: Customs Officer, Roberts, Clergyman, & Passengers
  13. Confidence (Reprise): The Confidence Man

Act 2[]

  1. Minstrel Show Medley: Helpman, Customs Officer, & Clergyman
  2. Milady: Goodman
  3. Such Heaps of Fine Friends (Reprise): Barber, Roberts, Clergyman
  4. Quite an Original: Melville
  5. A Soft-Handed Gentleman: Girl
  6. Milady (Reprise): The Confidence Man
  7. New Orleans Is Comin' to Me (Reprise): Passengers

1977 cabaret show[]

Songs from "The Confidence Man"
Manhattan Theatre Club, NYC
April 6 - May 1, 1977
Wed. to Sun. 8:15


Act 1[]

  1. New Orleans Is Comin' to Me/Means Something
  2. Pitch Penny
  3. Edging Into Darkness
  4. Confidence
  5. Methinks
  6. Nocturnally Yours
  7. Milady

Act 2[]

  1.  Such Heaps of Fine Friends
  2.  A Maiden Is Only As Maiden As She Feels
  3. Pain Humbles
  4. Give Us This Day Our Daily Flesh
  5. Milady (Reprise)
  6. New Orleans Is Comin' to Me (Reprise)


David Eric
Walter Niehenke
Joyce Nolen
Norman Snow


Director - Gui Andrisano
Associate Director - Thomas Bullard
Musical Director - Bobby Blume
Production Stage Manager - John Michael Stringer
Associate Artistic Director - Stephen Pascal

2003 cast album[]


  1. New Orleans Is Comin' to Me
  2. Pitch Penny
  3. Such Heaps of Fine Friends
  4. Edging Into Darkness
  5. Methinks
  6. Confidence
  7. Nocturnally Yours
  8. Pain Humbles
  9. A Maiden Is Only As Maiden As She Feels
  10. Give Us This Day Our Daily Flesh
  11. Sanctimonious Sambo
  12. Milady
  13. A Soft-Handed Gentleman (It's Your Life)
  14. Something of This Masquerade May Follow


Yancey Arias, D.J. Bradley, Norbert Leo Butz, Chuck Cooper, Andre DeShields, Eric Michael Gillett, LaChanze, Garrett Long, Andrea Marcovicci, Julia Murney, Mark Nadler, Thomas Stamet, Jamison Stern, KT Sullivan, Terry Waldo  


Piano, Keyboards, Programming - Terry Waldo
Guitar - Terry Waldo, Craig Ventresco
Banjo - Craig Ventresco
Reeds - Tom Christensen
Clarinet - Orange Kellin
Percussion - Pete Devine
Chorus - George Best, Rayme Cornell, Lauren Fox, Jean Fox, Shani Glance, Jessica Grant, Peter Gregus, Kirsten Hughes, Barbara Rosene, Jamison Stern, Rebecca Wolfe, Bruce Yeko


Book and Lyrics - Ray Errol Fox
Music - Jim Steinman
Additional Music - Bobby Blume
Orchestrations - Steve Margoshes

Arrangements - Terry Waldo, D.J. Bradley

2004 Stage Production[]

Videos from the 2004 production by the Beechmont Players, Inc. Directed by James & Sarah Updike.


Vernon Burns as The Confidence Man & Hillary Ran as The Girl


Pain Humbles - from The Confidence Man - Beechmont Players-0


A Maiden Is Only As Maiden As She Feels - from The Confidence Man - Beechmont Players


Confidence - From The Confidence Man - Beechmont Players

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