No actual title has been given to this spoken word piece.


Spoken by the character Strat in Bat Out of Hell (musical).


Do you see those stars?
Do you know what makes them shine, Raven?
What makes them so bright?
What makes them visible at all?
They’re on fire, Raven.
Honestly, that’s what it is.
From the moment they’re born they begin to burn.
They burn from the inside out.
Every star out there is burning, using themselves as fuel.
And that’s what we see from down here, the light from all those fires.
That’s it, that’s what makes them twinkle.
So if those stars weren’t on fire, they’d never be seen, they’d be invisible like they weren’t ever there at all.
The sky would be dark.
They have to burn themselves up or face not having been there at all.
So that’s what it’s like, being Lost.
I’m on fire, Raven.
I’m burning up.
I just don’t wanna be invisible.

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