Rhinegold is a musical by Jim Steinman and Barry Keating. It is based on the opera Das Rheingold by Richard Wagner. It ran from June 11-19 1973 at the Mercer Arts Center, and March 29-April 5 1975 at Playwrights Horizons.


  1. Swimming in the Rhine (And It's Fine)
  2. Beautiful Rhinegold
  3. Godz
  4. Chinkachain
  5. Who'd Do the Dirty?
  6. Master of the Earth
  7. Hushabye
  8. Rainbow and Finale
  9. Instrumental
  10. Chinkachain (Reprise)

Cast & Crew (1973 Mercer Arts Center production)Edit


King of the Rhine - Craig Richard Nelson
Voglinda/Rhinemaiden - Barbara Korey
Velgunda/Rhinemaiden - Jessica Harper
Flosshilda - Ursuline Kairson
Alberich, a Nibelung - Andre DeShields
Wotan, King of the Gods - Roger Brown
Fricka, his wife - Ann Bardack/Mimi Kennedy
Freia, Goddess of Youth - P.J. Tomc
Fasolt - Craig Richard Nelson
Fafner/Giants - Chuck Oberlander
Froh, God of Youth - John Seidman
Donner, God of Thunder - John Mills
Loge, God of Fire - Tom Leo
Mime, Alberich's brother - Gregory Johnson
Erda, the Earth Goddess - Johanna Albrecht
Sea Creatures and Nibelungen - Kenneth Shippy/Mimi Kennedy


Director - Barry Keating
Music - Jim Steinman
Lyrics - Barry Keating

Choreographer - Wendy Wasserstein
Musical director/vocal arranger - Tom Willis
Costumes - Bosha Johnson
Lighting - Phillip A. Haultcoeur
Set - Frank Siciliano
Set pieces - Hope Auerbach
Hairstyles - Gordon of New York
Makeup - Kerry Fidler
Stage manager - Iris Olshin
Director's assistant - Mimi Kennedy
Master electrician - Radford Polinsky
Technical crew - Priscilla Davis
House staff - Susan Vare
Sound - Theatre Technology

Electronic score - Adrian Lo
Musical staging - Barry Keating
Pianist - Keith Musgrave

Cast & Crew (1975 Playwrights Horizons production)Edit


It is not currently known who played which character.

Cast: Johanna Albrecht, George Ayer, Alan Braunstein, Sarah Harris, Mary Hendrickson, Pat Lavelle, Lester Malizia, Howard Meadow, Edwin Owens, Ellen Parks, Chuck Richie, Frank Thompson, Ron Van Lieu


Producer - Playwrights Horizons
Executive Director - Robert Moss

Book - Jim Steinman, Barry Keating
Music - Jim Steinman
Lyrics - Barry Keating

Production Coordinator - Kathleen Chalfant
Technical Director - Charles Tyndall

Music Director - Jez Davidson

Set Designer - Calvin Churchman
Costume Designer - Bosha Johnson
Lighting Designer - Jim Chaleff

Publicity - Joan Lowell

Stage Manager - Joel Brehm

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