From Jim Steinman's script: "The last stage of the GIRL's initiation is now undertaken. It is a form of stylized 'orgy' where in the GIRL is 'sucked into' the pleasures of the tribe. What is most important about this segment is that, in contrast to the 'heat' of the 'Liberation Through Pain,' this ritual is cool, icy, strangely muted though extremely sensual. The TRIBE is almost like children rediscovering their bodies. The tone is very narcissistic and yet very innocent. The main theme of the music is set to 'Ride A Cock Horse,' the nursery rhyme which starts off very prettily, then becomes darker and sinister, and builds finally to hard rock..."


Jim Steinman in the musical The Dream Engine

Jim Steinman in a live Warner Records audition session for the musical The Dream Engine


Ride a cock horse
To Bambury Cross
You'll see a fine lady
Upon a white horse

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