From Jim Steinman's script: "During the singing of this song...the TRIBE enacts 'pain dances,' stylized representations of all forms of agony. Their appearance is like those seized by convulsions and controlled by horror. The GIRL is surrounded by them and tries to reach out to comfort them. Each time she touches one, the pain is intensified. The pain spreads to her. She tries to escape. They hurl her from one to the other. At the climax, she is thrown into the air and caught at the last minute, with the TRIBE clutching every part of her body, like many knives. After the song, she stands in the corner of the whole TRIBE, starting with a low humming sound, builds up almost into a monstrous howl. Just as the howl is about to break, the GIRL gives off a powerful scream that racks her body."

In the musical, directly after this song is a spoken section that would later become the "Hot Summer Night" intro to "You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth."


A band member sings this song in the musical The Dream Engine


Take me down to the firebird,
Try and teach me how to fly.
Take me down to the firebird,
Make me free from questions why.

Fly free, burn free.
Please, teach me to burn!

Take me down to the firebird,
Try and teach me how to burn.
Take me down to the firebird,
Teach me all the screams I've earned.

Scream free, burn free.
Please teach, teach me scream!

Oh, take me down to the firebird
Try and teach me how to die [?]
Take me down to the firebird
Make me [unintelligible]

Burn free, run free (repeat ad lib)
They'll all burn down...(repeat)
You'll all burn down...(repeat)
We'll all burn down...

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