Johanna Albrecht in the musical Rhinegold

Johanna Albrecht in the musical Neverland, with the subtitle "The Malediction"


I'm as old as a mountain and as still as a tomb
With the primeval wisdom of an everlasting womb
Oh I sleep in the shadows and I dream and I see
Everything that ever was and all that will be
So listen while I sing to you this warning lullaby
The universe is changing now and gods are going to die
To die

But it's all right
Fade from sight
Greet the night

And it's okay
Pine away
You've had your day

And it's so cold
Finally old
Come then and go

Husha husha my baby hushabye husha husha, (etc.)

There's a ring on your finger that you stole from a thief
If you keep the evil bauble there'll be woe without relief
There's a curse on the gold, only trouble shall it bring
Only misery and sorrow, Odin yield the ring
Feel your doom in the air now, feel your death drawing nigh
Oh you gods do prepare now to bid the earth goodbye