Gordon Curran Stewart (July 22, 1939 – November 26, 2014) was an American speechwriter, academic, businessman and publisher.

Stewart was Deputy Chief Speechwriter to President Jimmy Carter, President of the Insurance Information Institute, North American Liaison for The Geneva Association, Chairman of The Geneva Association Communications Council, Executive for Policy and Programs to New York Mayor John Lindsay, Head of Public Affairs for Arthur Levitt at the American Stock Exchange, and Member of the Defense Science Board

He wrote on political and economic topics for the International Association for the Study of Insurance Economics, New York Times, US News & World Report, and CNN.

Stewart received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences (as the full four-year George F. Baker Scholar having been accepted at the age of 16), where he focused on history and music. He returned to the University of Chicago to work on a PhD. in European History. He studied music and drama at the University of Vienna in Austria, and then received an MFA in Directing from Yale School of Drama. In his last year at the Yale School of Drama, he was admitted as a doctoral candidate in comparative literature, which led to his first position as an instructor of English and theatre at Amherst College.

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