Mentioned in a script draft for the musical More Than You Deserve, to be sung by Fiona to Dillon.


Your hamlet is a model of its kind, Major Dillon
Just the perfect model hamlet
A model for the blind
Your program's so remarkably adept, Major Dillon
That if only they were animals
I'm sure that they'd accept it

Your program's an example to behold, Major Dillon
Just a perfect model program
You nearly had them sold
You've got it so unshakably in hand, Major Dillon
That if only they were vermin
I'm sure they'd understand it

Oh but lo and behold, Major Dillon
There's a catch to this remarkable success
Get a grip on the wheel
'Cause your tires are going to squeal
They are human beings
Just like us

Your record is the envy of the brass, Major Dillon
An enviable record
Oh you've got them all outclassed
You'll be listed in the coming who-is-who, Major Dillon
And if only they were maggots
They'd be shouting "here's to you"

Oh but shucks and be damned, Major Dillon
There's a hitch in this unqualified success
Be prepared for a blow
I think there's something you should know
They are human beings
Strange as it seems
They are human beings
Just like us

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