This page can be considered to contain spoilers, even though it mainly describes small changes.

All known changes from show-to-show for Bat Out Of Hell The Musical are listed here, using opening / press night / closing as milestones for the show.

This page is by no means a complete and exhaustive list of all changes, it could never possibly be. We do not know the contents of the NYC workshop at all. During the Manchester preview run, the cast were mentioning to fans that the script was changing every night.

Changes between casting call for NYC Equity Workshop (Oct 2015) and Manchester opening preview (17th February 2017) Edit

Casting call for the Bat Out Of Hell The Musical - NYC Developmental Lab (2015) - describing The Lost - reads "They live on their own amid the ruins of the Natural History Museum in the City of Obsidian (formerly Manhattan)". In Manchester, The Lost lived in the tunnels below Obsidian, and the bar at The Deep End had a subway sign up: "Museum of Natural History - 81 Street Station". So their location was the same but was shifted vertically downwards.

In late December 2016, a cast member posted a 20-second video clip to social media of the cast rehearsing the song Life Is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back. By the time the show made it to previews, the aforementioned song was reduced to an excerpt of the song directly from the album Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell, rather than a live cast performance.

In a feature article about Bat Out Of Hell in Classic Rock Magazine, April 2017 issue, the author recalls a visit in January 2017 to rehearsals for Bat Out Of Hell The Musical. "Strat, played by Andrew Polec, sings a few lines from Lost Boys And Golden Girls a Steinman song first released on his Bad For Good album". This song never made it to opening preview.

In a backstage tour video with Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington for the blog "All Things Stagey", Andrew picked up a music box prop in Raven's bedroom and they said that if you open it up, Peter and Wendy fly around inside. Before the show opened in Manchester, there was a scene where Tink would hand Strat a matching music box and both Strat and Raven would open their music boxes simultaneously - her in her bedroom and him down in The Deep End, and that would lead into the song It Just Won't Quit.

In the same video, they mentioned a cut scene where "everyone" would climb all the way up Falco Tower to get to Falco in Raven's bedroom, just to spit on him.

Changes between Manchester opening preview (17th February 2017) and press night (14th March 2017) Edit

On the first night of previews, none of the informational scenario screens were projected for the audience before the show or during interval.

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Poster of Strat, which was on the wall of Raven's bedroom during part of the Manchester run

Raven's bedroom wall - on the first show, she had a poster which was the cover of Jim Steinman's Bad for Good (minus the lettering). Later in the run, more posters were added to her wall; Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, Peter Pan and a poster of Strat. The Strat poster was dropped by the time the show got to London, but the rest remain.

In the earliest previews, no clear reason was given as Falco's reason for hating The Lost so much. Later on, he began to state in the scene just before singing Who Needs the Young? that The Lost has just blown up his first housing project, and later on, in the scene where Strat asks Zahara if she'd offer her throat, Zahara would mention that Falco was intending to bulldoze the Deep End "if he can find it".

In the song It Just Won't Quit, there would be two Ravens in her room; the one singing the song sadly, and a silent dancing one, presumably to symbolise her inner feelings. This was confusing, so the second Raven was taken out.

For the first two previews, the intro to Speaking In Tongues (Braver version) was played as Zahara and Strat flirt.

First preview: Sloane did a bit more parenting, and seemed more fearful of Falco: R: "Mom, what are you wearing?" S: "Um, I, uh... I'm going to The Deep End. I-i-it's a bar, please don't tell your dad." R: "what?!" S: "Hey. What are you wearing?! Did you take that kid's shirt?" R: "no?" S: "what is going on with you? Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. Raven, honey, I think it's time we had a little talk. When I was your age, and your father was, well, more like those kids you were watching over in the street..." R: "Stra~t <3" ...[chunk of dialogue which has been retained]... S: "I'm not going to let you make the same mistakes I made" [hands over jacket]

During the opening previews, the musical contained the song Good Girls Go to Heaven just after Sloane invites her daughter to go to The Deep End. The scene was energetic and gender-ambiguity themed, harking back to The Deep End in the music video for If You Were a Woman and I Was a Man which Jim Steinman created and co-directed. Both male and female cast members dressed in feminine outfits, dancing together along the left side of the stage. A female member of The Lost in masculine clothing with the word "BOY" written on her cap. The main vocals were from the characters Sloane and Zahara; Zahara flirting with Strat. This song has now been replaced by Out of the Frying Pan and no such themes of gender ambiguity remain within the scene.

In initial previews, there was just a small snippet of Out of the Frying Pan in the show - its intro and most of the first verse of the song before Tink crashed his bike. When Good Girls Go to Heaven was removed, it was replaced by the rest of the song Out of the Frying Pan - from the second verse onwards.

Immediately after the "Good Girls" scene, Sloane stood to the fore of the stage with her footwear in her hands and delivered a monologue originating in Neverland : "I wandered for days and days, and I came to a beach at the edge of a lake, and everything was so clear. It was like the white sun-bright sky had shed the ocean below it like... like a winter skin. I laid back and I tried to remember what it felt like to be young. I tried to reassemble my youth in my mind, but.... it wouldn't come back. It could never come back to my mind. That's not where it was. That's not where it was"

Falco's threat to Strat during Raven's birthday party was "I'll rip his throat out!". Later, this became "I'll rip his fucking balls off!"

During the same scene, Sloane used to say: "Oh Yes! What fun we used to have with those metaphors! Not even to mention the similes! He was horny like as a devil!". This was later changed to simply "Oh Yes! What fun we used to have! He was horny like a devil!"

For the first preview in Manchester, during the song Paradise by the Dashboard Light as the 2nd part of the song begins, several Lost members were in the tunnel and later appeared on stage dressed as 1950s baseball players, cheering Falco & Sloane on. There were crazy large amounts of camera work going on, projected up behind the couple (in the place where the graveyard ends up being). 

The song Making Love Out of Nothing at All was included in the first few nights of previews, but was taken out for the remainder of the Manchester run. It reappeared when the show opened in London.

In the cage scene, The Lost were dressed in orange jumpsuits to show that they're Falco's prisoners. Later in the Manchester run, these orange jumpsuits were no longer used. These costumes returned for the London run.

At the end of Land Of The Pig, when Falco attaches clips to Jagwire's nipples and electric shocks him, he used to blow out a fuse box on the tower (sparks flying), all the lights went out and Falco said "anyone got a light?" - and in response, all of The Lost held up lit lighters.

During the song Heaven Can Wait, Raven used to fly out of her bedroom, lie horizontally in the air, and flip around vertically, all while singing. The flying was taken out - the reason given was that the theatre in Manchester wasn't big enough for what they'd imagined - that she would fly out into the audience. A few different activities were then made for Raven to do while singing the song - sitting and hugging her knees, writing in a diary. The activity they ended up settling on was for Raven to sit in her room and draws hearts on herself - up her arm and on her chest - with what looks like an eyeliner pencil.

Immediately after the song Heaven Can Wait, while The Lost are still caged, there used to be a very menacing dialogue between Falco and The Lost. "So your brave leader is now a leading corpse" "Strat was a legend!" "And now he's just a cautionary tale. So clever of him to leave things to you" "you fucking just followed us" "and like the obedient bastards you are, you followed him. Really, it's too good. Strat's dead, you're all in prison, and you all should have thought twice before trying to hurt my family [hehehehe] You'll die till you're dead, you hear me? [hehe] Now think of the pain I could cause. Think of the horrifying loss of control I could create for you! Enough! You know, my dad always said - take everything in life with a pinch of salt. He made a terrible cup of coffee! Nighty-night!" - this entire segment was dropped.

This was followed by the dialogue between the Lost where they originally would lament: "Hey, why are nuns so scary?" "It's because the whole world is in colour, and the nuns are in black and white" "I miss the nuns. And churches. And holidays." "Seems like ages ago" "It was" "Do you remember what they made us learn?" "Ten all fathers and ten hail Marys" "and a two point conversion!" "and in the penalty box!" "And another nun bites the dust!"

This dialogue between the Lost was replaced with "So many things to miss. Churches, and holidays, Big Macs, baseball...." "I even miss the bad times" "we were all so damaged!"

When The Lost encounter Strat for the first time after he comes back to life, one of them ask him "Are you a ghost? Can you walk through walls?" to which he replied "no, sadly". This got cut.

A very minor change - Raven initially would mention to Strat that she had never dreamed before. This conflicted with the opening lyrics to It Just Won't Quit so it was changed to say that she never dreams any more.

The scene in Act 2 where Raven describes a dream she's been having, was an excerpt from a poem. This poem was "Virginitiphobia — The fear of rape" by Patrick Ryan Frank and was credited in the show programme as "The rape of fear". This poem was later replaced by some lines from I've Been Dreaming Up a Storm Lately.

In the first shows, Tink used to sing the song Not Allowed to Love in a different key. It was originally in G, and it's now up a tone in A.

On the very early previews, after Tink was killed, Falco escaped and ended up in Raven's bedroom. Raven comes in and yells at her father, calls him a murderer and says she'll never forgive him, tells him that he's ruined everything. The Lost come in, and Strat levels a gun at Falco. Zahara tells him not to do it. Falco wails "I didn't mean to kill your friend! I didn't mean it! It was an accident! Go ahead! Do it! I deserve it! Do it!". Strat calmly replies "do it yourself" and tosses him the gun. Falco pleads "I'm sorry! Do you hear me? I'm sorry! I'm sorry!". And Raven tells Strat to leave Falco alone. Then we see a screen in front of "Hell" that says "Six months later", and then it went into the scene "It's All Coming Back To Me Now".

By press night, this had changed to Raven coming in and yelling at her father, and threw something at him, he says it was an accident and asks for forgiveness, but there was no gun and The Lost weren't present. Rather than having a sign that said "Six months later", there is a short scene in the graveyard with Strat by a grave with an enormous flower arrangement that says TINK, and Zahara speaks to him. Strat: "I still miss him" Zahara: "Strat, you gotta stop this. Tink wouldn't want to see you like this. And Raven? She's as miserable as you are. She doesn't eat, she doesn't sleep, she hasn't left her room in six months". Strat: "I don't wanna hear about her" Zahara: "You love her." Strat: "No" Zahara: "You know you do". Then the "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" scene.

On the very first night of previews, at the end of the show when they sing I'd Do Anything for Love, towards the end of the song - after Falco has emerged from the pool, Andrew Polec playing Strat ran onto the stage from the back towards his co-star Christina Bennington playing Raven near the front of the stage. He slipped on some of the water spilled from the pool area, landed square on his back, and kept on sliding towards the edge of the stage - the gap where the car goes after Paradise by the Dashboard Light which is a 12-foot drop into to the pit. Christina grabbed Andrew and he didn't fall down the hole. And he didn't miss a beat, he carried on singing his next line, with a look of "oh my gosh I nearly died!" across his face. In the next performance, and every subsequent performance, Strat now rides onto the stage on his motorbike rather than running onto the stage.

Changes between Manchester press night (17th March 2017) and closing night (29th April 2017) Edit

In the first versions of the script, there was a scene where Strat asks Tink what the most used phrase in movies is. The answer is "Let's get outta here!", and he uses it. Later on, in the scene where Zahara removes herself and Sloane out of Raven's bedroom when Falco becomes violent, she also said "Let's get outta here! - I can't believe I just said that!". Both that initial scene and Zahara's "Let's get outta here" are now gone, but Strat does cry "Let's get outta here!" before he starts singing the song Bat Out of Hell.

The transition from Hot Summer Night to You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth was smoother on closing night. In initial previews, Strat and Raven had performed Hot Summer Night, started singing You Took The Words, then The Lost would turn up, the song would stop, they'd talk, and then they'd start singing again. In the final night at Manchester, Strat and Raven would perform Hot Summer Night, The Lost would turn up, they'd talk, and then the song would start. No musical start / stop.

In the scene where Tink and Strat are interacting after Tink crashes his bicycle, Strat and Tink sing a fragment of Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through then Strat tells him to "get some sleep". Then he yells "And all of you!" towards The Lost. In the older versions, The Lost would respond and leave. This changed so that The Lost's general response was to make various protesting sounds and gestures and Strat would say "or not?!"

In the immediately following scene, in early versions Zahara and Strat would flirt together on an empty stage. In later versions, now that The Lost hadn't been sent to bed, Jagwire stands and watches his girlfriend flirting with Strat and makes various WTH expressions. Then, where Zahara previously said to Strat that Falco is planning to bulldoze The Deep End, this dialogue was changed to her knowing that Falco has a plan to build condos over The Deep End, with no question that he knows its location.

In earlier versions of the musical, when Sloane invited Raven to The Deep End (whether the next scene was Good Girls or Frying Pan), both characters were visible in the next scene, interacting with The Lost. By the last night in Manchester, the two were not to be seen in that scene.

In the scene where Tink goes into Raven's bedroom and viciously kills her pillow, another character would then appear from behind her bedroom door, sit on the slashed bed, and light a cigarette. This projected image would transition to the flames of Hell for the next scene. In the newer version, that smoking character was omitted from the scene.

In the graveyard scene, in some versions near the end of the run, Zahara did not mention that it had been "six months", leaving the elapsed time more vague. This specific time scale was back on closing night at Manchester.

Changes between Manchester closing night (29th April 2017) and London opening preview (5th June 2017) Edit

All of the cast have different costumes. The iconic red "Strat shirt" and "Baal shirt" still remain, though. Raven's line "Mom! What are you wearing?!" used to be in reference to Sloane wearing a white t-shirt with black print of a face-close up of a nun flipping the bird. Now Sloane wears a little silver and black number.

There are three additional cast members. The characters' names are Astroganger, Judge, and Lunarrow. These are non-speaking roles.

A little more of the area just above the escalator, to the left of Raven's balcony, is visible. It is known as "the mall" and contains old broken mannequins. Some audience members say they have seen a figure standing vigil there.

Before the show starts, ambient noises are heard, it is never stated what they represent. Perhaps underground rail sounds?

While Strat is polishing and maintaining his bike before Love and Death and an American Guitar, there are now two girls on stage instead of just one.

A newspaper called The Obsidian Times is handed out to patrons before entering the seating area of the theatre. It provides a little background for the show, although the contents have not been confirmed to be canon. It claims that The Lost have only been frozen for 25 years, mentions Raven's 18th birthday, Falco's housing projects, something about power cuts in the city which could be due to The Lost fighting back against the Deep End being demolished, an advice column where "Wendy" advises "Forever Young" (implied Tink) to find friends his own age and that it's a "phase" he'll "grow out of". And something about flying cars and an advert for the "Pride Of Obsidian" lager which they sell in the theatre for £5.50 per 330ml bottle.

The Bad For Good poster in Raven's bedroom appears to have a greatly enlarged moon in the sky.

During All Revved Up with No Place to Go at the start, before Tink starts spray painting, Zahara runs off, then comes back on stage wielding a chainsaw and waves it at the police, before being hauled off. Ledoux breaks a bottle over Falco's head and runs off, then when Falco regains his senses, he grabs Tink - the nearest Lost member, throws him to the floor and starts kicking him.

Sloane no longer tells Raven that Freezers cannot reproduce, and tells her they'll hate "good girls like her". Old: "Those kids out there on the street, they’re mutants. They’re genes froze when they turned eighteen and then stopped! They’ll never grow up, they’ll never have families! Freezers! It’s awful! Doomed to be wild and reckless....." New: "Those kids out there in the street, they're mutants. Nobody can tell why, but something happened to them and now they're damaged genetically, frozen forever at the age of 18. They're freezers! Forever lost! Dangerous monsters who'd hate good girls like you. Doomed to be wild and reckless...."

Raven says to her mother asking whose shirt she's wearing: "his name is Stra~~~~~t", which she did before but now the vowel is stretched out. Sloane she replies "excuse me? I know what his na~~~~~me is", imitating the way she says it, and revealing that she already knows of Strat, which she didn't do before.

Sloane's line: "Let’s have a drink. To the perfect American marriage! To, uh, the vegetarian wife... and her vegetable husband!" - disappeared. With both this line gone and Strat's line about the astronomer "betrayed by every star he ever knew" too, all content from The Want Ad was gone.

Old version of Tink's bicycle crash: Jagwire: "Easy, Tink! I was just trying to help. It's just that..." Tink: "I'm smaller than you?" Jagwire: "no" Tink: "weaker than you?" Jagwire: "no" Tink: "Younger than you?"

New version of Tink's bicycle crash: Jagwire: "Easy, Tink! I was just trying to help. It's just that..." Tink: "I'm smaller? weaker? Younger than you?" Jagwire: "yeah!"

Zahara has returned to speaking about bulldozing the Deep End again, rather than Falco building condos.

The song Out of the Frying Pan is now split so that there is no singing during its first appearance. Then for its second appearance, the complete song is performed. During this extended version, Tink, Ledoux and Blake hold up the large poster of Raven and urge Strat to romantically pursue her. He runs up to the mall, and takes a look at her through her balcony window. She appears to be practising to play an electric guitar. Strat comes down again and pounces playfully on Tink, who attempts to kiss Strat through the poster of Raven.

During the song Two Out of Three Ain't Bad, Strat doesn't walk onto the stage during the song to illustrate who Zahara is singing about.

In Raven's birthday party, Falco's "joke" referred to Strat as a "delinquent kid" rather than a "delinquent terrorist kid". As the show's opening was two days after a terrorist incident in London, this seemed like a natural change to make.

In the song Paradise by the Dashboard Light, on the line "Lord, I was crazed!", Falco whips off his trousers in one split-second move to reveal bulging metallic pink underpants.

The song Making Love Out of Nothing at All has returned to the show, in the same position as before; in the scene where Strat and Raven are in her bedroom. The Stars (spoken word) piece was omitted.

There is a new special effect which is seen during the song Bat Out Of Hell, closing the first act. Strat's bike crashes, parts of it slowly fly out, and a large graphic showing flying bike parts is displayed behind Strat. As he continues, the flying bike parts slowly come together to form a giant metal love heart in the air, before disengaging once more.

Falco is now more gleefully sadistic and celebratory about Strat's death, and also reveals that he knows Zahara is "one of them" before beginning to sing In the Land of the Pig, the Butcher Is King.

During the song Heaven Can Wait, Raven now wears Strat's red shirt rather than her white dress.

Before Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are, the "churches, Big Macs" lines are gone. Now, Jagwire, Blake and Ledoux speak about how they miss Strat and that he'd know how to get them out of this (i.e. being caged). "We're screwed up. Our whole lives have been screwed up!"

In the scene where Falco bursts into Raven's room while Zahara is there gathering her things, Falco seems far more violent as he flings Zahara around during the scene until she pulls out a gun and shoots the ceiling.

During You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth, Strat is handed, and puts on, a ruffled dress shirt. Raven is taken off-stage (beneath the escalator) and changes into a white dress. They move to Hope Rock and Strat grabs and puts on a sparkly silver Lost jacket. The ruffled shirt could be a nod to Meat Loaf's old attire, but moreover the clothing changes are to suggest Strat and Raven's "union" - their marriage.

The scene in act 2 where Raven describes her dream to Strat has been cut down to just one line from I've Been Dreaming Up a Storm Lately - "You have such a beautiful reflection, don't ever waste it".

The conversation between Zahara and Strat in the graveyard is a little extended. Zahara: "Remember when they were going to blow up the Deep End? We were all so scared. We thought we were going to die there. But you, you said everything would be ok, you saved us, Strat. We need you. Raven needs you. You love her" "No" "You do. So go talk to her"

After the show has ended, instrumentals of Good Girls Go to Heaven and Dead Ringer for Love play as the audience leave.

Changes between London opening preview (5th June 2017) and London press night (20th June 2017) Edit

Two Lost girls now join Strat on stage as he does his motorcycle maintenance before the show starts. Before now, it has only been Valkyrie (Georgia Carling), but now Scherzzo (Eve Norris) is also present.

After Tink crashes his bicycle, when Strat and Tink are conversing on the old mattress, Strat ruffles Tink's hair and calls him "my little Tinkerbell".

Zahara & Strat's bulldozing dialogue has changed to "do you think Falco's going to bulldoze the Deep End?" "Not after what we did to him today!"

During Out of the Frying Pan (in full), Tink crawls through Strat's legs.

Falco's dialogue before Paradise by the Dashboard Light - his "joke" is gone and is now plainly "you keep away from that kid or I'll fucking kill him!"

At the start of the song Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Sloane now says a few more lines; as well as responding to "I remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday" with "you think you do but you don't", she also responds to "parking by the lake and there was not another car in sight" with "there’s only one parking spot by the lake", and "And I never had a girl looking any better than you did" with "well, that's true".

The Stars (spoken word) piece was missing on opening preview. By 10th June (afternoon), it was back. The line "I knew an astronomer once, he said he'd been betrayed by every star he ever knew" (see: The Want Ad) never returned.

Changes spotted on press night (20th June 2017) Edit

Opening scene (All Revved Up intro): Tink and Strat doing a secret handshake, then Tink handing him the mic ready to start singing.

Strat called Tink "my Tinkerboy" in the naming birds scene, and Tink very definitely went in for a kiss before Strat pulled away. 

Paradise: a cake slice was left on the bonnet when Rob pulled the tablecloth away, so Sharon had fun pretending to feed him some before throwing it to one side.

Dream suppressants scene: Zahara has a new costume, it's pale turquoise with white collars/cuffs rather than the white nurse's uniform.

Also seemed like tons more dry ice during Bat to mask the bike's lack of motion. Worked pretty well!

It's now Zahara who has the gun and backs Falco into the pool, with Jagwire as backup.

The 6 months later projection is back, along with a brief scene of Sloane walking across the stage carrying a case - I guess to signify her leaving Falco during that time. She now makes her entrance in It's All Coming Back to Me Now through the door rather than on from the side of the stage.

Changes after London press night (20th June 2017) Edit

In the scene immediately before Falco and Sloane sing Who Needs The Young, Sloane now says "you know what she said to me today? That I was unattractive and jealous. Consumed by jealousy!" - the word "unattractive" is new. In response, Falco asks his (unaltered) line "Do you still find me attractive" with greater emphasis on "me".

Zahara no longer says "you're a strange one, Strat" when he turns her down in The Deep End. She tells him "you need to stop. You need to forget about Raven." Strat: "Why?" Zahara: "Trust me, I know. You're playing with fire, Strat"

In the bedroom scene with Strat and Raven, Raven no longer says "If only are the loneliest words" - a reference to the lyrics of A Kiss Is a Terrible Thing to Waste (Version 1). She now says "If only are the sorriest words".

Zahara no longer says "There's a lot you don't know about me, Strat" when he finds out she works for Falco. Instead she warns Strat that Falco is attacking the Deep End.

After Tink's funeral, the "six months later" screen is shown again before the scene with Zahara and Strat in the graveyard. The flowers around his tomb are now brown and withered, but "TINK" is still readable.

For a few days following press night, the newspaper "Obsidian Times" was no longer given to the audience. It returned a few days later, with the first two pages rewritten. Where the first paper had said that The Lost had been frozen 25 years ago, trapped in a cave-in, filled with chemicals, the new edition leaves the backstory of The Lost an open mystery. The currency on the front of the paper has also been changed from £ to the Bitcoin symbol.

Changes spotted in London on 20th July 2017 Edit

During It Just Won't Quit, Esquivel (Ruben) plays with a red sock puppet to amuse Jagwire.

During the song Bat Out Of Hell, when Strat's bike flies apart to form a heart of chrome, it is now lit in red light and beats.

During In the Land of the Pig, the Butcher Is King, The Lost no longer dance while inside the cage. They now hug each other. They do dance when released.

Changes between 20th July and 15th August Edit


In this clip by Giovanni Spano, Andrew Polec's new delivery of the final word in Love and Death and an American Guitar can be heard

On the 3rd August 2017, cast member Giovanni Spano (Ledoux) did an Instagram Takeover of the Official London Theatres Instagram story, posting videos and photos all day. That morning, while in the recording studio with Andrew Polec, Aran MacRae, and Patrick Sullivan recording Out of the Frying Pan, he filmed a clip of Andrew as Strat yelling "Guys! Woah! Put me down! Please put me down! Come on. I'm not joking. I'm not joking! I'm afraid of heights! Come on, guys... Guys! You're crazy!" - this is now believed to be what Strat yells as he is carried around by The Lost during the song, though no-one in the audience has confirmed hearing it yet - either his mic isn't on, or he just mouths it.

Love & Death & An American Guitar - seemed both more deliberate and more wild, and his "father" voice seemed more hysterical and less incompetent. And Andrew now ends by singing "Rock and Roooooooooolllllllllll!" (not sure if this is Andrew only, or the alternate and cover Strats do this too)

The hearts that Raven draws on her arm while singing Heaven Can Wait now remain there beyond the end of the song - right through to the end of the "union" scene Hot Summer Night / You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth.

Changes spotted in London on 15th August 2017 Edit

These changes running over the last few days of the London extended run are believed to be in preparation for the show moving to Toronto in October 2017.

During "All Revved Up" - Raven and Sloane are both in Raven's room above. Sloane drinks and Raven dances like one of the Lost.

After the moment the exploding thing is thrown during the song, everyone dives, and Falco's militia tumble and fall into the scene, like they were caught in the blast before getting up and fighting.

Raven and Strat's shirt. She picks it up, Strat and Raven's eyes meet and she tries to hand over the shirt but is dragged away by Falco police before she gets a chance to. I don't think she tried to hand it back before.

Paulina with the camera follows Falco around while outside during this scene dressed as a potential character, rather than someone you're not supposed to notice.

The scene before Who Needs the Young? - starts out with just Sloane and Falco in the room with the couch. This scene isn't filmed / projected because it's on the main stage, not up in Raven's room. Falco begins with his usual "can you believe they just blew up my new housing project" but then there is a lot of conversation which is a remix of dialogue that usually comes later in the show between the Falco Family about Raven hating being locked up, about her affinity for The Lost, Falco's casual aggression towards his own family, and also Sloane's "I'm a lamp" was in there too. Ends with Raven storming out "18 years in a convent!" with Sloane's "Hahahahahahahaha"... then back on track with "what every parent wants is a Thank You" "and what every child wants is an I'm Sorry" "Do you still find me attractive?" - then into Who Needs The Young.

"Life Is A Lemon Intro" scene: Strat climbs the escalator, sneaks and steals the magazine from Raven's room from the open window. Raven goes over to it, and Sloane does her *making Raven jump out of her skin* thing... Sloane tells her to keep the window shut. They go into the "why are they different?" speech... through to her "If you don't go over the top, how are you gonna see what's on the other side?"

15th August: Sloane did not mock imitate Raven in response to her saying "Straaaaat". 17th August, she went back to mock imitating Raven.

Out Of The Frying Pan Intro scene - Some of the actions of The Lost in the chop shop that were previously seen during It Just Won't Quit are now seen in this scene. Blake rolls his tyre. The dialogue in the scene: Tink says he's frozen "at that awkward stage before all the good shit comes". Tink is nicknamed "Tinkerbro" by Strat today. A line or two of Rock & Roll Dreams sung as normal.

Tink says "Leave me alone" instead of "I'm sleepy" and Strat doesn't try to send him and the rest of The Lost to bed.

Zahara pounces onto Strat, flat on his back, and he asks her "On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?"... she says "you have such a way with words" in an unimpressed, sarcastic way, it's funny.

Then it goes straight into "it's jugular" then Out of the Frying Pan in full. Some of the actions of The Lost in the chop shop that were previously seen during It Just Won't Quit are now seen in this scene. Astroganger performs the dance that used to be performed by Denym. It starts in the chop shop in The Deep End and by the end of the song, transitions to outside Falco Tower.

It Just Won't Quit is gone.

Raven's Birthday scene: Falco names Strat by name when he says he'll "fucking kill him". Also the line "We were young and in love and the whole world was springtime!" (originating in both The Dream Engine and Neverland) has disappeared.

Paradise - the backing dancers seem to be performing a new routine, funnier than before.

Beginning of Act 2 - the cage comes down on The Lost in their orange prison suits... and Sloane is present as well as Raven. Falco tells Sloane to take Raven away.

Objects: Outside of the cage are Jagwire, Blake, Ledoux, and Liebeswooosh. Blake cradles Liebeswooosh (who is hurt) and asks her if she's alright, and takes her to the cage to the others as Jagwire sings.

The switch to open the cage wasn't in sight and within reach of the cage. Sloane directed Astroganger to where the control device is, and he picked it up and operated it.

Tink stormed out immediately after the first line of For Crying Out Loud, Zahara follows him. (previously, Zahara used to usher Tink out)

This could have always been this way, but only just noticed - at the end of the For Crying Out Loud scene, Strat and Raven end the song kissing on the old mattress on Hope Rock - at the front-left near the pond. While the next scene (with Falco, Sloane and Zahara) plays out in the bedroom stage above, Strat and Raven get into position facing the audience ready for the next act, posing like statues.

Outro music: Good Girls Go To Heaven instrumental is GONE!

Changes spotted in London on 22nd August 2017 (Final) Edit

Additional dialogue for Falco - during the opening riot sequence, Falco now yells "Raven! Get inside now. Sloane, grab her! You kids have no idea who you're messing with". The words "Sloane, grab her!" are new.

Now that It Just Won't Quit is gone, Raven has reverted to never having been allowed to dream in her entire life.

In the same scene, when she's saying why she likes the dark because she can make her own dreams, she now adds, "My parents can really love each other."

As a one-off special ending for the final night in London 2017, after the Bat Out Of Hell reprise, the cast stood to the front of the stage and Andrew Polec gave a speech giving emotionally charged thanks, acknowledgements, goodbyes, and a big dedication to Jim Steinman. Then, to the sound of the instrumental playout version of Good Girls Go to Heaven leading into an instrumental of Bat Out of Hell, Strat (Andrew Polec) and Raven (Christina Bennington) left the stage, filmed on camera (footage projected into Falco Tower and simultaneously streamed onto the internet via YouTube), back in character - turning to look at the camera a few times. On their way out, they took a black flag with white writing from Julian Stoneman and wore it across their backs, turning, then eventually revealing the message "See you in London in 2018", earning themselves a huge swell of cheers from the audience within the theatre. Strat and Raven took motorcycle helmets and left the building, became passengers on separate motorbikes and rode off towards Trafalgar Square. Within the theatre, the rest of the cast had taken to the tunnel area as Falco Tower was being used as a huge projection screen, and the projection changed to the message "See you in London 2018" with the numbers written in animated flames. The remaining cast bounced and celebrated, the playout music changed from Bat Out Of Hell to the regular Dead Ringer for Love, and only then, the cast began to leave.

Toronto opening night (14th October 2017) Edit

Cast changes: Dom Hartley-Harris and Ruben Van Keer have left the show. Michael Naylor is no longer listed as a cast member - he is now resident choreographer. His role - Denym - is now taken over by Isaac Edwards and Isaac's role - Astroganger - is taken over by Aston Newman Harrington.

The Obsidian Times free newspaper made its return - it now features new photos of The Lost on the second page - including Billy Lewis Jr as Jagwire, and the advertisement for "Pride Of Obsidian" beer has been replaced with an invitation to take photos with the 1981 Harley Davidson in the theatre.

The opening animation and Obsidian Times newspaper now say that the year is 2030, instead of 2100.

At the start of the scene where Strat enters Raven's bedroom, he recites The Invocation and she replies directly: "The sea is watching the sky, the sky is watching the sea" etc - she no longer stops to tell him "this can't be happening" or anything like that.

During "Heaven Can Wait," Raven writes STRAT on the wall and does much bigger, more expressive motions while writing on herself.

During "I'd Do Anything for Love", Scherzzo puts flowers on Tink's grave.

London Dominion opening night (2nd April 2018) Edit

Cast changes: New actors playing Tink and Jagwire (Alex Thomas-Smith and Wayne Robinson), and half of the ensemble cast have been replaced - with two new ensemble cast members : Knightoly and Willowee.

New Obsidian Times. The story about the flying car is gone, and replaced by a celebration of 50 years of Bat Out Of Hell, and the photo of Jim Steinman playing Baal in The Dream Engine which is on Strat's iconic shirt.

There is a new poster for the show featuring members of the cast: Strat and Raven in the centre, Zahara, Jagwire and Tink to the left and Falco and Sloane to the right.

A free mobile app has been released on iTunes and Google Play stores. If pointed at the show posters (new or old), tickets for the show (direct from the theatre, not self-printed), the new Obsidian Times, or the programme, they come to life in AR - various Easter eggs for audience members. (coincidentally, released on Easter Monday)

Act 1: Strat opens with Love and Death and an American Guitar but some of the lines are added - he speaks of the earthquake which made Manhattan break away from New York to form Obsidian, and of poison gas. The line about smashing it against a cheerleader is omitted. Also his father yells "Goddammit, Strat!! That's no way to treat an expensive musical instrument".

Fight scenes have been re-choreographed. Tink comes in during All Revved Up swinging a much bigger weapon than before. As All Revved Up transitions to Everything Louder, Falco now shouts "Raven, get back inside now!! You shits think you're going to be 18 forever??" towards The Lost. The intro to If It Ain't Broke, Break It lasts a bit longer than before.

In the scene before Who Needs the Young? Falco says he wants to "make Obsidian great again", to which Sloane replies - "Don't be a dick.... tator!"

In the scene where Sloane and Raven talk in Raven's bedroom, Sloane mentions that Freezers are the result of chemical warfare.

Strat and Tink seem closer than ever, though "Tinkerbro" sounds more sarcastic than ever. The new Tink is "more like a child but also tougher". Zahara responds even more sarcastically to "On a hot summer night..." than before. Strat mentions "crashing that girl's party" and Zahara warns him off.

During Out of the Frying Pan (And Into The Fire), members of the Bat Band are now seen on stage performing the song, behind the bar in The Deep End. Lead, rhythm and bass guitar, and drums.

The costumes and wigs are completely different for Paradise by the Dashboard Light. When the car goes into the pit, sheet music flies out of there - Paradise By The Dashboard Light (the first note on the sheet is "Tempo di Pontiac GTO 1967")

When the bike explodes during Bat Out Of Hell, rocks also fall from above.

After the song Bat Out Of Hell, Strat lies dead on the stage. The curtain doesn't come down, he just lies there, being dead. A few long minutes later, people dressed as paramedics came on and took Strat away on a stretcher. Update on 3rd April 2018: Zahara comes along with the paramedics and they stretcher him off. In previous performances before coming to The Dominion, the song would end and the curtain would come down, and a few minutes later Strat would be gone, and people with "TRIAGE" written on their backs would clear away Strat's blood (confetti) with leaf blowers.

Act 2: Heaven Can Wait : Raven has a board at the head of the bed that she writes Strat's name on, putting an X mark in the top circle of the R. She does the same cross through the heart she draws on her wrist.

In the scene where Tink is rampaging in Raven's bedroom, the scene now ends with him throwing a knife at her picture in a magazine, triggering the scene transition.

When Zahara is bringing Strat back to life, we hear his heartbeat.

A lyric change in For Crying Out Loud : "Chilly Coney Island wind" / sand, as a change from Californian wind / sand. This cements the idea of Obsidian being upon the ruins of Manhattan. Fans almost completely unanimously dislike this change. It's changed back to "Californian" by the following show.

The beginning of Hot Summer Night is different - Raven is asleep somewhere and Strat wakes her up to ask "On a hot summer night..." - it is now performed centre stage instead of to the left by the tunnel. It is much more clear that Hot Summer Night / You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth is a wedding. A huge heart appears on stage and is set on fire. A bouquet is thrown, and Zahara catches it much to her horror - she quickly chucks it behind her to another female member of The Lost, who goes down on one knee before Sloane and kisses her.

The argument in Raven's bedroom between Falco and Sloane & Zahara is slightly different. Sloane makes it clear that Raven left of her own accord and she's leaving too. Rather than Sloane: "I'm leaving you" Falco: "You left me a long time ago", it's now Sloane: "I'm leaving you" Falco: "Then get the fuck out of here".

In the scene where Strat and Raven are in the "mirror box" area, Raven now describes her dream by way of I've Been Dreaming Up a Storm Lately - which had appeared in versions of the show in Manchester through to the end of that run but had been missing ever since. Raven gets as far as 'tremble by tremble' as she undoes Strat's pants, leading into 'you've been dreaming again!'.

At the start of What Part of My Body Hurts the Most, Falco flips through a photo album, finding a note from Sloane.

The Bat Band who were on stage during Frying Pan are also on stage during Dead Ringer for Love. There are also some new projections onto the Deep End tunnel.

At the "6 months later" mark, the scene with Strat and Zahara by Tink's grave with the dead flowers is now completely omitted. In its place, Sloane delivers the "I tried to reassemble my youth in my mind" monologue (which appeared back in the earliest Manchester previews somewhere in Act 1), with new underscore and one line inserted: "like a Winter skin" sung as in Bad For Good. Strat now enters Raven's room for It's All Coming Back to Me Now after 6 months without any known provocation.

The curtain calls are now shorter. Zahara is now front of stage, leading ensemble, and slightly less of the song "Bat Out Of Hell" is performed.

London Dominion Press Night (19th April 2018) Edit

No computer graphics up before the show or during the interval. Lots of the signage inside the theatre still uses the old font which was used in those graphics, though.

Opening monologue (Love & Death & An American Guitar) returned to normal. Boy is killed, there are no earthquakes, cheerleader gets smashed.

This also means there is no longer any reference to Obsidian having been Manhattan. There is also no mention in the current show or Obsidian Times of Falco being Commander-In-Chief. He's just depicted in the newspaper as a housing / industrialist with his own private militia.

During All Revved Up, Zahara's chainsaw moment is much more front and centre than it used to be. Just after the grenade is thrown, about 7 or 8 boulders of varying size fall down. Falco's police are charged with clearing them off stage. It happens on the far right (as you look).

Falco yells "I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. I will hunt every single one of you down" facing the tunnel before his ribbons of blood speech.

Falco and Sloane now have a bit of back-and-forth so it's - Sloane: "Don't be a dick" Falco: "what?" Sloane: "...tator!"

In the scene in Raven's bedroom while "Life Is A Lemon" plays - Strat came to her window and hung around just watching her for a while (without her noticing) before stealing a magazine. As he leaves, she spots him and rushes to the window to look for him and then Sloane sneaks up behind her. So it's like... both Strat and Raven want to see each other, but don't get to directly.

Sloane's overdramatic exposition block in Raven's bedroom - "those kids... ever since the chemical wars, they've been mutants! Their DNA frozen forever at the age of 18! [she makes a weird bird-call sound] From before the before! Before the earthquakes that swept us out to sea! Doomed to be wild! And reckless! With no parents to look after them, no-one to love them and no-one to ca~a~a~a~re~~!" (Note: the chemical wars Sloane mentions may be a reference to those depicted in the music video for "If You Were A Woman And I Was A Man", set at the turn of the 21st century)

Tink swung around a baseball bat and shouted "I'll kick your ass!" instead of "I'll bleed you!"

Falco now carries fewer birthday presents for Raven. He used to have an enormous stack of large boxes, several times taller than himself, this has been cut down to two.

When Strat says "our bodies rhyme! They finally rhyme!", Raven now responds "that's a much better chat-up line!"

Raven's drawing during Heaven Can Wait - she scrawls STRAT on her wall, double bar on the A and the T runs all the way down the wall.... then she starts on her arm. One heart near the top, then starting at one finger and right up the arm as though tracing a vein. Which is super dark! She traces it right up to the heart and crosses it out. Then she starts drawing triangles all the way up. 

More about the recent addition of a thrown bouquet of flowers during You Took The Words... Raven throws the bouquet and Zahara catches it. Zahara is initially pleased but then Jagwire sings to her and she has a strong negative reaction and chucks it behind her. Scherzzo picks it up and takes it to Sloane, and goes right ahead and proposes to her. It's all very earnest! Sloane mouths... "you want... with me?" and Scherzzo teaches her how to dance with The Lost. And yeah, Sloane and Scherzzo kiss! The whole thing is like Sloane being hit by a whirlwind. She laughs, almost dizzied, at the end of the song. 

The giant heart prop no longer appears during You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth, but is now lowered during the finale / curtain call. Sometimes, it's on fire. Sometimes, it lit in neon.

15th May 2018 Edit

The band stopped appearing on stage during Out Of The Frying Pan, but they're still present during Dead Ringer For Love.

Toronto "North America Tour" (17 October 2018) Edit

Set differences: No pool, no escalator, no "Jay Tower" (the metal structure Strat would usually climb at the end of Out Of The Frying Pan to cry "RAVEN!!"), no pyrotechnics, no cage scene, no heart made out of motorcycle parts.

New costumes: servants during Paradise, new wedding dress for Raven, new Anything for Love dress for Sloane. 

No Obsidian Times, no new programmes or set of glossy cast photos. 

Sloane gives Raven a leather jacket that used to be hers, instead of it originally belonging to Falco.

The dialogue in the scene before Frying Pan is a little different. Tink gets on top of Strat and kisses him on the lips. Jagwire and Zahara use a lot more black American vernacular, Jagwire is more forward and outgoing, and Zahara is far more sassy.

Zahara: "oh do not TELL me you have some thing about that Falco girl." Strat: "She's like some sick fever dream". Zahara: "yeah? wanna try mix up with some kind o' dream girl? maybe should try getting with some kind of REAL girl!" [...Hot Summer Night attempt...] Strat: You know what? I think I'm gonna try crashing that girl's birthday party. Zahara: "Whoa! No! Do not mess with that rat-face Raven. Listen a me. Girls like that, they don't anything to with boys like you. And we want nothing to do with Falco! Trust me! You best leave all that alone 'cause you messing with fire, Strat!"

At the end of Paradise By The Dashboard Light, Raven no longer pushes the whole car into the pit, she reaches into the car, picks up the engine, and chucks that into the pit.

The characters Valkyrie and Blake are now one character. She takes over singing the 2nd verse of "Objects In The Rear View Mirror", moving up to a more female-vocal-friendly key.

Usually, the actor playing Blake would double up as the announcer during Paradise By The Dashboard Light, but this time it was the actor playing Vilmos.

No land of the pig, cage, or orange prison uniforms. Sloane paces during intermission, just before the start of Act 2. Act 2 opens with a short instrumental based on the song Bat Out Of Hell and the words "10 seconds later", with the Falco family in the Falco Towers "living room" on the main stage - Falco clutching Strat's bloodstained shirt:

Sloane: Baby, where have you been? Raven: Don't touch me! what have you done? Falco: I told you to keep away from those mutant freaks! Raven: What did you do? Falco: I didn't do anything! Raven: What did you do??? Sloane: Strat's dead. Raven cries "no...." and runs off. Sloane: What is WRONG with you? Falco: I warned her! And now they're all gonna get what they deserve!

- Then into Heaven Can Wait in Raven's room. Raven writes "Strat" in her diary rather than the wall. She sings the song differently, not aiming directly for the high note at the end of the song, but rising to it. Sloane comes in part-way through the song to comfort her daughter, but leaves before the end.

Scene before Objects In The Rear View Mirror:

"Is anybody here? Val?" "Are you ok?" "Yeah" "Did anybody follow you?" "I don't think so" "they've never chased us this far before" "Is Zahara with you?" "No, I thought she'd be here" "Oh. No. I gotta bad feeling Strat's not coming back either" "Don't say that!" "It's just a feeling!" "Get down!" [rumbling] "It sounds like a train!" "Yeah maybe.... 'cept trains don't run here anymore" Jag: "WHO'S THERE?" "Get ready" [Tink runs in blubbing] "Tink!" "Tink!" "Tink!" "Hey hey hey! Buddy! You ok?" "We gotta go back to find Strat". Tink (still crying): "You won't find Strat!" "Wait. What?" "Strat's dead" "No way!" "He was going so fast, and he spun off on a curve, the bike went off a cliff... and it took him with it and now he's dead!" "no no no!" Jag: "NOOOOOO!!!! Wait a minute. Shit. Did he take Zahara?" Tink: "I don't know! She was there. I couldn't really see her. I heard her scream. I got back here as fast as I could" "Jag, what are we gonna do?" [more rumbling] "We've gotta hide somewhere" "there's nowhere left to hide" "he's right. Even the hiding places are hiding" [Tink runs] Jag: "Tink wait, what are you doing?" Tink: "I've gotta find Zahara!" "Tink! Wait!" [Tink exits] "Strat can't be dead" "I can't believe this is happening" "I'm going to miss him so much" "We're all going to miss him. Listen! It's up to us. We're still The Lost, right?" [the others murmur in agreement] "Are you gonna be ok?" "yeah.... it's just.... everything used to be so much better, y'know? Half the things still worked... I miss having fun..." [Objects music starts] "I even miss the orphanage. It was so long ago I can't remember" "Yeah, there's a lot I'd rather forget" "this is so messed up" "our whole lives have been messed up" - [song starts]

Tink’s response to “just grow up!” is now “then help me!” instead of “make me!” - Strat starts to go to him, but Raven pulls him back.

Falco is more physically violent when grabbing Raven's arm in act 1, and during the struggle in Raven's room with Zahara.

Valkyrie kisses Sloane during "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth", instead of Scherzzo.

Raven’s mirrors speech is back.

As there is no pool, Falco's transformation is done as - The Lost gang up on Falco and "beat him up" - he quick changes in this huddle. He crawls out from the pile and sings "some days I pray for silence" in his new costume.

No giant burning heart at the end of the show.

Oberhausen, Germany (8 November 2018) Edit

Opens with Raven cleaning the bike and performing Love And Death and An American Guitar. As well as it being in German language and her father shouting "Stop it, girl!", she also shouts (in English) "SMASH! SMASH! SMASH!"

Sloane tries to sing along with Falco "my voice just isn't what it WAAAAAAAS!" but her voice cracks. It's pretty funny.

During the scene before Frying Pan, Tink gets on top of Strat and kisses Strat - "Pretty long and deep". Zahara is interested in Strat - she says (in German)  "Forget about Raven and her rat-like-face. Try a real woman like me. We don't want to have any relations to Falco, so cut her out." 

Paradise By The Dashboard Light now uses soccer imagery and soccer related phrases in the second part of the song.

No physical flying motorcycle parts forming a heart during Bat Out Of Hell - though they do still use the video imagery of flying parts.

During Land Of The Pig, Falco plays golf with the doll's head instead of using a baseball bat.

During Heaven can wait Sloane enters Raven's room & hugs her after she hurt herself. Then Raven is crying on her mother's lap. After "It's all my fault" Sloane replies with: "No it's not. There's nothing you could have done"

Strat's not groping Raven's ass when they meet again in the cave

First time Raven replies with "I would do anything for love" she is mocking Strat, who just said that to her.

No glowing or burning heart on stage at the end.

Unlike the US tour, the set does include a pool and escalator.

New York City (1st August 2019) Edit

This is very much like the "North America tour" version as seen in Toronto, late 2018.

The Obsidian Times now functions as a playbill, rather than a newspaper that divulges plot / back story. It is dated "August 2030". There are no new programmes or set of glossy cast photos. (IMPORTANT: the programmes they are selling are completely out of date! They're actually from the 2017 Toronto production!)

There are still no pool, no escalator, no "Jay Tower", no pyrotechnics, no heart made out of motorcycle parts. Additionally, there is no automation of set changes - cast members are seen pushing sofas, table/cars etc.

Love And Death And An American Guitar is now performed by both Strat AND Raven!

Zahara has no chainsaw! :(

Falco no longer says "I will decorate this city with ribbons of blood". Also the phrase "Make Obsidian Great Again" is omitted.

Directorial changes - Raven is played "softer", Sloane is drunker, Falco is more straight villain.

On the first preview, Sloane delivered her "freezers" dialogue with a flashlight and an accent described by some as Scottish and by others as "pirate". The funny accent and flashlight were dropped after that.

On the third preview, during the pillow fight between Sloane and Raven, Sloane teasingly held the pillow over Raven’s face and started shouting “JUST GO TO SLEEP, RAVEN! GO TO SLEEP!”

Zahara now calls Raven a "rich bitch" rather than "rat-faced". Danielle Steers' accent is more like Harper Miles for the US version, compared to how she delivered her lines in previous productions. Still more mysterious than sassy, though.

Strat was only stretchered off at intermission for the 1st preview.

Also, nearing the end of intermission of the first preview, Sloane paced the stage saying "Where's my daughter?" - but as she did this without a microphone, some audience members interpreted this as a technical malfunction and some shouted "turn up the sound". So during further previews, Sloane paced the stage silently.

Land Of The Pig is still omitted.

The struggle between Falco and Zahara in Raven's bedroom is more physical than ever, with Falco slamming Zahara's head into the wall. Danielle Steers had a bump on her head and slight concussion from dress rehearsal.

For the "Mirror Box" scene, there is now a mirror on the floor too, creating the illusion of there being more mirrors than there really are. The scene is more physical, stronger and more intense. Raven bites Strat's arm!

In the scene before "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth", Ledoux asks about Raven "is she our new mom?"

During the song's wedding scene, when the bouquet is thrown and makes its way to Valkyrie, she proposes to Sloane who looks at Valkyrie slightly stunned, when Tink snatches it out of her hands and throws it at Strat. Valkyrie kisses Sloane with passion.

When Tink tells Strat to get rid of her (just before Not Allowed to Love) and Strat tells him to grow up, Tink says ‘make me’ but when they repeat it he says ‘help me’ but then Raven calls Strat back to her and he goes to her.

Tink now performs Not Allowed To Love from the other side of the stage (from the perspective of the audience that's the right). He performs it with more operatic flourish.

At the end of What Part Of My Body Hurts The Most, just before the last note is sung, Tink jumps out from behind the sofa, and Falco chases him round to begin the next scene.

For the first preview, during "I'd Do Anything for Love", The Lost laid flowers for Tink at his grave, but then we saw him riding off on his bicycle.

New York City - Opening Night - 8th August 2019 Edit

"Ribbons Of Blood" line has returned.

Sloane no longer paces the stage during intermission.

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